Hope Circles Program

Hope Circles Program

Hope Circles ensures that students receive a a high-quality program that is cutting-edge. Hope Circles incorporates Dante D. Dixson’s latest research in hope, student well-being, and academic engagement to prepare students for success. Much of Dr. Dixson’s collaborative work with schools and nonprofit organizations is conducted through the The Hope Laboratory, which conducts research on how to encourage this positive academic mindset within students.

Mentoring Students to Envision a Better Future

Gain insight into what fuels your passions through positive academic mindset training and turn your dreams into a career!

This program showed me, ‘You can do this.’ When you have this person, who is from almost your exact situation, and they’re doing great things, that means it’s possible. You can do them, too.

Myles Parks, high school student in Dr. Dixson’s program

Positive Academic Mindset Training

Starting the Journey to Success

Challenge your perceptions of what it takes to be successful and your probability of being successful. 

The How of Success

Dr. Dixson standing with the word Belief in front of him

Learn specific and tangible strategies to help you get from where you currently are to dream accomplishment. 

Visualizing the Steps to Success 

Encouraging you to believe you can preserve through the obstacles that will try to block your success.

The End and The Beginning

A call to action to take the first step to achieving your stretch goals.