Career Dreaming

Career Dreaming


Hope Circles provides young people with networking opportunities with prominent professionals of color and workplace internships These experiences reinforce student learning by creating safe places for them to continue building college and career readiness skills.

Meet the Professionals

We’ll introduce you to a professional in your field of interest, Learn how to achieve your career dreams by interviewing an accomplished professional who has achieved theirs. Find out how they overcame the obstacles that may have attempted to block their path to success.

What Students Are Saying About Their Internships


said that the work experience helped them confirm their career paths


said the experience gave them confidence to pursue their dreams, despite occasional setbacks


said that the internship helped them realize that they could be successful in new situations


said the program encouraged them to value mentors and that they would seek them out in the future

“A simple thing like seeing the scared face of a patient when I accidentally, slightly touched the straw in the drink, I was handing him, helped me understand that real people struggle with mental illness and this experience deepen my desire to become a psychiatrist.”

– Hunter, high school student internship at a hospital.

“Everyday, I got to listen to different lawyers explain what happened to their clients. The thing that surprised me the most was how some lawyers were able to make really ordinary things seem really important and something we should care about. There was a lot I didn’t understand, but for sure the experiences made me want to go to law school and become a judge.”

Sakai, high school student internship with a judge

“I got to get the feeling of working a job; I got to work with camp counselors to help students/children learn to live healthier lives.”

Zoie, middle school student Junior Camp Counselor internship

“My main internship assignment was to organize documents that were being used in a real trial. The staff made me feel like my work mattered, so I really tried to get it right.  I learned to multi-task better and I learned to speak up more and talk to lawyers.”  

– Cherish, high school student internship working on a federal criminal trial